perjantai 11. joulukuuta 2009

Stamp Something DT Call: My favourites

Remember these three? I chose these to apply for the Stamp Something Design Team. I had a really hard time picking my favourite cards, but here they are, my top 3, all of them for different reasons. I think it´s good to show some versatility and these three are most definitely different from each other and yet so ME. They feature my favourite illustrators/artists (and stamp manufacturers). I guess I don´t have to tell you who they are, Elisabeth Bell, Diane Duda and Suzanne Woolcott of course...and the list would go on if I was asked for a different number than 3. I´m keeping my fingers crossed, let´s hope for the best.


Muistatteko nämä kolme? Valitsin ne hakeakseni Stamp Something haasteblogin design teamiin. Omien suosikkien valitseminen oli tosi vaikeaa, mutta päädyin siis lopulta näihin kolmeen. Leimakuvat korteissa ovat lempparikuvittajiltani, joita ovat siis Elisabeth Bell, Diane Duda ja Suzanne Woolcott. Pidetään peukut pystyssä.

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  1. Beautiful cards!!! Good luck for DT call!!!!



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