tiistai 1. maaliskuuta 2011

Whiff of Joy DT

Good evening people! Today's the day we've all been waiting for...these+3 cute gnomes by Norma Fickel are now ready for ordering. And that's not all...the stamps from the secret spring stamp kit are now on sale as single stamps. I'm so jealous to all of you that have gotten your secret kits as mine got lost in the mail.

Well anyway I think these stunning gnomes make up a bit of the dissappointment. I've been kind of tired of making cards these past few weeks but not really tired of staming and colouring...so here's what resulted from that tiredness...simple small cards all about the image. I think I'll be making these as long as I get my cardmaking mojo back and when I do I'll have the image parts ready LOL.

We've been busy building our own dream house and soon it's going to be ready. I'll have my own crafting room upstairs and I'm so excited about that. These image cards also would look gorgeous framed and made into small paintings. I guess I'll make a few atleast for my daughters room.

Thanks for looking and listening to my rambling LOL!

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